Salesforce: Inject your Javascript to Salesforce standard pages

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Now come to main topic which is injecting Javascript to standard pages:

For this, you must have a developer account on Salesforce.

Here are some steps to inject your Javascript.

  1.  Upload your Javascript as Static Resource in Static Resources Folder as: Go to Setup –> Develop –> Static Resources and Choose a name for your static resource (Javascript file) and upload your file.
  2. After uploading your static resource, go to Setup –> Customize –> Home and create a New link by clicking on New. Enter a Name in Label field.Now choose Behavior to Execute Javascript and leave Content Source to OnClick Javascript. Now paste below code in Textarea field.
    Replace your Static Resource file name with StaticResourceName. Now Save.
  3. Go to Setup –> Customize –> Home –> Home Page Components and in Custom Component section, click on New button. Then Next and here choose a name for your custom component and leave Type default to Links. Here two boxes will be shown. Click on your custom link which will be in Left box and click on Add(>) button. Now save your component.
  4. Go to Setup –> Customize –> Home –> Home Page Layouts and edit the Default layout.Now check your Component from list and click Next and Save your page.

Now You can run your Home page and your custom Javascript will be visible to Home Page.

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