How to secure ASP.Net website with SSL Certificate? or How to use HTTPS protocol in ASP.Net?

Hi friends! this is Jameer Khan, I am going to explain you that how to use SSL certificates in ASP.Net without paying any cost.

  1. Let’s create a website in visual studio.
  2. Now go to solution explorer and click on project’s name in solution explorer and press F4.
  3. Now double click to enable SSL certificates. that is change ‘Enabled SSL to true’.
  4. Now copy the ssl url and again go to Solution Explorer->Project’s Name->Right Click->Properties->Web->and paste the url in virtual directory and click to Create Virtual Directory.
  5. Now save the project on run the project.
  6. The URL will be some like this…    https://localhost:1001/Home
  7. Enjoy programming………………………………..

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