How Microsoft has impacted my life.

I am Jameer Khan, student at Dr M C Saxena college of Engg & Tech, Lucknow, and I am writing this blog for first round selection process at Microsoft Student Associates.  

Microsoft has a great influenced at every person’s life and gives a way to live.                                                                                               I started my career and touched the computer when I came for B.Tech. In those days I was not aware with programs that how to write programming code in any language. After 6 months, I started doing program on Turbo C and later my interest about programs increased day by day. I was in 2nd year when I start ASP.Net and start developing web pages using ASP.Net but I was worried that .aspx pages are slower in execution so I wanted to leave ASP.Net but after 6 months I start learning MVC and I saw that MVC websites with Razor web pages are executing fast. Then I decided to continue with Microsoft and now I am so much happy with ASP.Net, MVC and Razor.

My interest towards Microsoft is increasing day by day and I want to learn more things about Microsoft.

I am writing this blog for the first round selection in Microsoft Student Associates  and I suggest to everyone to get registered for Microsoft Student Associates.




“How I plan to bring a change to the society being a MSA:”


I believe that it will be more responsibility after becoming a Microsoft Student Associates. I understand my responsibility and I can do it by- making Applications on how to interact users towards Microsoft and also by making websites on it. I have plan to make to Microsoft club in which my colleagues will be involved and we will make a large club group with enthusiast group of my college.


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